Wibby’s Daisies

Wibby's Daisies

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my mother’s sudden death. I have spent every day since in sorrow and remembrance, and I believe I will continue to feel her absence every day I live myself. But tomorrow is also my 25th wedding anniversary, and so for Haywood’s sake I made my overt act of remembrance today by planting daisies, Mom’s favorite flower, at the Wibby Memorial Little Free Library. Remembering how much Mom loved passalong plants, my sweet neighbors brought me this one. They didn’t even know that Mom had carried daisies in her own wedding bouquet.


2 responses

  1. “Hey Wibby…I hear you calling in the night”. I believe there is no coincidence that your neighbor shared her daisies in loving memory of the joy your mom brought. Your mom continues to watch over you and your family and she entered her best chapter for your tears of joy (for her). None of us are given our preferred time to exit our worldly life. I am sad that she was not able to see “how things turned out”…..sweet words from your dad. You will have to carry that torch and show how the best is yet to come. I know; I am there…

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