In Which Her Mother Tells the Story of Wibby’s birth

In Which Her Mother Tells the Story of Wibby's birth

We didn’t expect her quite as early as she came. And we were at Mother’s peeling peaches to can. Daddy had several peach trees, and they had canned some, and so they were canning for me and Max. And all along as I would peel, I was eating. So that night around 12 o’clock, I woke up and punched Max, and I said, “Max, my stomach is hurting so much I just can’t stand it hardly. I must have eaten too many of those peaches.” And so once in a while, you see, it would just get worse; then it would get better.

We didn’t wake Mother, but as soon as Max heard her up, he went in to tell her. And she said, “Oh, Max, go get your daddy right now.’” So while he was gone, she fixed the bed for me. Mama Alice came back with him, too. Mama Alice and Papa Doc. So they were both with me—Mother on one side and Mama Alice on the other, and they were holding my hand. And Olivia was born around 12 o’clock that day. Max was in and out, but they said Daddy was walking around the house, around and around the house. He’d stop every now and then and find out what was going on. And Papa Doc—when she was born, it was real quick—he jerked up and he said, “It’s a girl,” before you had time to get ready, and Max said, “Little Olivia.”


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  1. Happy Birthday, Wibby….I know you are listening and watching quite intently to see what the family is doing to celebrate your bold entry as Olivia. Not so sure I would want to have delivered my children the same way that Mother did!

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