In which Wibby tells her grandchildren the story of how she came to be born in her own grandmother’s bed

24 responses

    • Shannon, this is Wibby’s dictated response:

      “Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, and I want you to know I got TWO new bucket hats! Also, I’ve got something to send you in the mail that I think you will be very happy to see. Will you send Margaret your new address?”

  1. Happy Birthday dear Wibby!I have long been an admirer of your amazing daughter and her family. So how did I miss getting to know you. It’s never too late they say. I already feel that I know you from watching Margaret’s blog.I’m already a big fan of yours. Jeannette Goodwin(Mother of Peter Goodwin,Margaret’s old friend).

    • Dear, dear Jeannette, this is Wibby’s dictated response:

      “I love your son and his family as much as you love Margaret. And I WISH I had known you were in Pensacola; I was there for several months a couple of years ago while my brother was sick, and I wish we could’ve gotten together!”

  2. Happy, happy Birthday to you! I think we have this a bit backward because, instead of giving you a gift on your day, you’ve given quite a great one to me. Can’t wait to hear more wonderful stories.
    Karen McAliley Shell

  3. Sorry I’m late getting this but I know you had a very Happy Birthday, Saturday. For me, I celebrate my birthdays as long as people let me. I love your blog, Mrs. Renkl.(and I too have subscribed)

  4. Wibby, I thoroughly enjoy hearing your take on things! So glad you’re on the web. I hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  5. Hey Wibby! Sorry I missed your birthday; I was traveling in Turkey. But I did think about you. Hope it was a good day! Love this new blog.

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