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  1. Hey Mrs. Renkl. Cant call you Wibby, I spent too many years at your dining room table as a child. I am loving your blog. Please keep it up!


  2. Dear Sweet Mrs. Renkl !!! I have just spent the last 30 minutes reading your blog and laughing aloud because you have a great sense of humor! I should have spent more time with you as I was growing up. It is wonderful to see you! You look just wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bucket hats. I also drink Diet Dr. Pepper (too much) and used to hide it while teaching for 15 years, but my students always told me I drank way too much of the stuff…Ha!. Please keep writing your blog. We have one too but I haven’t updated it in a while…
    I am going to keep reading your stuff so keep writing! Your children are sooooo lucky to have their Wibby! Much love, Madeline Eitzen O’Neal

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