In the Unlikely Event of a Fabric Emergency, Kindly Exit the Building in an Orderly Fashion and Head Directly to Wibby’s House


8 responses

  1. I for one have very much benefited from Wibby’s closet (rather, back then, attic) o’ fabric. Wibby, I am sorely out of sewing practice! Have you been making anything these days?

    Love you!

    • Wibby responds: “Love to see you, honey, but in the meantime I really need your Notre Dame mailing address. I have a picture I want to send Ben!”

      [an aside from Margaret: When I said, “Mary Ann asked if you’re sewing,” Wibby said, “Oh, let’s just let that question drop.” In other words, no. But she’s gotten the sewing room organized now, and she’s ready to start in again.]

  2. OMG reminds me of a place in my sewing room that my sister calls the remnant closet. She likes to shop there occasionally. I will have to upload a picture. Now I know why I luv Ms. Wibby

  3. Wibby, you will be proud to know that Theresa is beginning her own fabric collection and she asked her teacher if she could have the sewing machine as her research topic for machines. 🙂 We love you!

    • Wibby replies: “Well, Ann, I’m delighted to hear this! She’s going to be really good in time. People used to say to me, ‘I can’t sew,’ and I would say to them, ‘If you can read a pattern, you can sew.'”

      I was very surprised the other day at how much Suzanne has grown. When I first saw her, I thought it was Theresa!”

  4. Wibby, I didn’t know you were sewing talented too! I learned to sew from my mother when I was about 11. I started making (from patterns and my own design) Barbie clothes. I made some for Ken too. He had a really swell plaid double knit suit out of scraps. I learned to smock when my daughter was 3 and smocked for her and my boys. I could afford it because I knew how to put the outfits together and didn’t have to pay someone else to do it for me. My mom used to make us matching Easter dresses. I don’t have much time for sewing now but eventually will get back to it. My grandmothers quilted and I have some great quilts from them – even some that their mothers and grandmothers had a part in making. I have one like your wool quilt made out of old flannel shirt scraps. It’s the warmest quilt ever! Miss you!

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