In Which Wibby Throws Her Bucket Hat into the Ring

Wibby: I want you to make me an appointment to speak to the city council.

Margaret: Mom, I don’t think they’ll convene for the sake of hearing the opinion of one regular citizen.

Wibby: Well, I’m not officially a citizen of Nashville yet, and I think they ought to hear a few things from a Birmingham citizen’s perspective.

Margaret: Like what?

Wibby: Like they’re starting to make the Birmingham politicians look good, and that is really saying something.


4 responses

  1. Hello, Wibby!

    I think what you need to do is review the agenda for upcoming council meetings (, find a resolution meriting her attention & public comment, then contact that resolution’s sponsor and ask to be allowed to address the council when that resolution is considered. And please, please, please, if you have an ounce of compassion left in your heart, give me enough notice so I can be there to attend the meeting too.

    (I know for a fact that your supply of compassion is infinite; that was just a rhetorical flourish up there, what I wrote…)

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