Because It’s Never Too Late To Join the Revolution

Wibby: I need you to book us a flight to New York City.

Margaret: You’re kidding, right?

Wibby: No, I’m serious. We need to get up there and join that demonstration on Wall Street. I’m tired of people thinking it’s nothing but hippies and losers who are mad about the way money’s running our government.



6 responses

  1. Webb and I VERY much appreciate political action according to Wibby – we’d vote for you! Also, a proper note is coming, but THANK YOU for the Pride and Prejudice DVDs! Their arrival coincided perfectly with our fall break…


    Get up there! Seriously. All of you, pack up and hit the road. Margaret, think of the writing that would come from some time spent with the ‘occupiers’. Think how amazing it would be to get Wibby in front of a Fox News [sic] camera. Or Rachel Maddow’s, for that matter.

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