The Reason Why, In Childhood, Wibby’s Daughters Would Refuse to Come Out of the Dressing Room

Wibby, to a stranger standing in front of the department-store mirror: I love it! Buy it quick.

Stranger, turning to the left and right, considering her reflection: You really think so? What about the shoes?

Wibby: Well, now, you didn’t do too good with the shoes.

Stranger: But the skirt is alright?

Wibby: Turn all the way around and and let me see your butt.

Stranger, twirling: So?

Wibby: No doubt about it – the skirt is perfect.

Stranger: But not the shoes.

Wibby. Honey, they’re the right color, but that is all in the world I can say for those ugly shoes.


3 responses

  1. So, wishing Mother was alive to read all of “Wibby’s” musings~ I do remember a few thoughts when were were in the kitchen doing our fortune cookies~ 😉

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