Wibby’s 4-H Project, 1946

When Wibby had just turned 15, she entered the Alabama State 4-H contest with a dress she had made herself. These are the pages of the booklet she put together to accompany her entry form. Its one-of-a-kind creativity is pure Wibby.

[To read all pages in order, click on the cover image (“Clothing Record Dale Co. 1946”) to bring up a larger version of the page; to turn to the next page, click the arrow that appears to the right of each image.]



One response

  1. Hey Wibby. I love you and I’m still reading but miss our talks on books and life in general. I know you are happy and well. Give my best to your hubby and tell him I feel I know him through our conversations. He must have been a wonderful husband and father.

    I enjoyed your 4-H book. Very ingenious and what a smart lady you were. I was in 4-H also but my club was not very active and I don’t remember much. Ha! Ha! “Senior Moments”

    Love, Peggy Dew

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