Doesn’t It Tend to Work the Other Way Around?


Redefining the Four Food Groups

“Don’t count me in for supper tonight. I bought four different kinds of cookies at the grocery store, and when I got home I decided to taste some from every box, and they were all so good I ate three or four each. And then I was thirsty so I drank a big glass of milk. So that’s my supper. Unless you’re fixing something really good, in which case I’ll eat that, too, and skip breakfast instead.”

Octegenarian Confidential

Wibby: Where are you going?

Henry: To the football game.

Wibby: I thought you didn’t like football.

Henry: I like hanging out with my friends, even if I don’t really get the point of football.

Wibby: Well, I’ll tell you a secret, Henry: Contrary to what you may have heard, you can get along just fine in this world without understanding one damned thing about football.